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Tamasha Trailer Released: Ranbir Deepika All Set To Sizzle The Silver Screen

Tamasha Trailer Released: Ranbir Deepika All Set To Sizzle The Silver Screen


“Wahi Kahani Firr Ekk Baar, Majnu Ne Liye Kapde Faad,Maae Tamasha Bich Bazar”  The Line says it all, This time it’s not going to be the same story! Finally the most awaited trailer ‘Tamasha’ launched this evening and with the launch it has created buzz among the fans and all the social media websites. From the script to the direction everything seems exciting and the music of AR Rahman just doubles up the excitement. Tamasha brings back the sizzling chemistry of ex-couple Ranbir and Deepika back and the way they have emoted this story will make you feel the emotions.

Their smiles, tears and the romantic scenes make you desire more, you will have to watch the trailer on repeat mode in order to calm down your heart beats. Ranbir is back in his acting shoes and makes you wonder with every bit while Deepika charms the movie with her beautiful smile and strong acting. You won’t feel they are acting, in fact in the mid way one will feel as if it’s their real life story. While the dialogues like “Toh Main Aapko Mona Kahu Ya Darling’ make you have goosebumps. The story is about speaking lies, being someone who not you are and then what happens? When you fall in love with the lies, when you start wishing of being the one you acted to be and the reaction when the reality hits the life. Two people meets each other, have fun and falls in love is the same story but Imtiaz Ali brings something more for you with ‘Tamasha’ and you will have to wait for release to know what ‘Tamasha’ wants to add up in your life. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’s couple has just got better with time and it makes you feel wish they were still together. The movie will show what happens when Life and Lies collide and a disaster is when you want both of them in a perfect way. Seems Ranbir will try to win Deepika back, Hold your heart people! This isn’t real but yes there are hope that you will see this scenario in upcoming ‘Tamasha’. Their intensity, love, humor, romance, heartbreak and passion will win your heart and hopefully many awards and an amazing box office collection too.

Imtiaz Ali, AR Rahman, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone together in a movie, What else you can expect!! 4 Best people have made something and this ‘Tamasha’ is surely going to create a historical ‘Tamasha’ on box office. So all Ranbir fans who are waiting since long for ‘Ranbir ‘ like movie, your wait ends here and Deepika fans have got lucky again with this movie while the fans of Ranbir-Deepika will be on cloud nine seeing this trailer.

So enjoy this wait and keep counting the days because ‘Tamasha’ is coming to rule your heart.

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