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Take A Sneak Peak At Akshay Kumar’s Ultra-luxurious Villa In Goa, Photos

Take a Look at the Akshay’s Rs 5 Crore Ultra-Luxurious Villa in Goa, Heaven Falls Here

Akshay Kumar the one and only Khiladi of our Bollywood industry and one of the fittest and clean actors who avoid partying late nights, award shows, believes only in rewards. Don’t drink and smoke, He only says,  “Work hard and relax harder and in a luxurious way.” He works in a way that he completes his movies in the shortest span . He has a disciplined routine and he is always sticking to it.

We talked about his interest in rewards, so the actor has many luxurious properties all over the world and of the is a small villa in Goa for holidaying and spending quality time with family. He chose to invest his time with his family, especially his daughter.

Apart from this, he is one of the highest-earning celebs which reflects his honest income tax paid.

The readers and fans of Akshay is getting a view on his luxury home he has in the city of fun Goa. This is a worth watch thing as his home has everything that anyone super-exclusive luxury hotel has.

Whenever he is on vacation from his hectic schedule every 3 months, he travels to Goa to enjoy his peace and quality time in a most lavish style. He bought the house nearly a decade ago for Rs 5 crore. It sits cozily on a white sand beach.

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“I like to go to Goa. I love it. It’s very chilled out. Everyone knows me there and they just say hi, but nobody bothers me as such. It’s the only place in the country where I can roam around and enjoy myself, he said to a leading daily.

Akshay Kumar and his family take long walks on the beach, spend their day lounging in their private pool and also eat like kings. Kumar often invites ex-pat chefs, who’ve made Goa their home now, to come and cook for the family as well as eat out. “There are small restaurants too. The owners are from Germany, Russia, Toronto, and other countries,” he said.

He also cheats his 5 am routine to sleep in and really enjoy the lazy way of life. “Everything is so easy and you can get up late in the morning. My house is located in such a place that there is a network problem, so phones don’t work,” he told the daily. “The beaches are also clean. I can go and take a dip in the sea and see the sunset, he added.


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