Symptoms of High Blood Sugar

Symptoms of High Blood Sugar

Higher Glucose Level in the body called diabetes. Diabetes is most common disease in all over the world most of victims of diabetes are people who are 35 years plus. There is two types of diabetes in human the first type is Type 1 Diabetes and second called Type 2 Diabetes both types of diabetes are dangerous because it make over body weak and weaker.

The people who have diabetes they may have higher risk of Heart attack, Kidney failures, Infections and High blood pressure. Diabetes is most viral disease in the world approx. 400 million people had diabetes throughout the world and most of people have type 1 diabetes and only 12% have type two diabetes.

In the type two diabetes the body can’t make enough insulin for body but in the type 1 diabetes body is unable to make any insulin for body functionality. Normal Blood Sugar level is 80 – 160 but if you have higher blood sugar in your body means if you have sugar level above then 160 then may you have type 2 diabetes. But to prevent diabetes is the only test consider if you have not eat anything for 8 hours.

Symptoms of Higher Blood Sugar could be be several but if you have higher blood sugar frequently in your body then its the main sign of diabetes but you have to consult your doctor may he will observe you and also take some other test to prevent diabetes. symptoms of higher blood sugar may be common but some are really unique so if you have one of any symptoms of higher blood sugar than you should immediately consult with you doctor without wasting any time because nothing could be important than your health.

If you are patient of diabetes than you should care of your feet and become aggressive about your diabetes. You should only take the Diabetes Diet and also should increase the activity level. You should start regular walk and exercise because exercise will help you to manage the sugar or glucose level in the body. So, keep walking and stay healthy.

The diabetes is most common and most serious disease but care can save your life and also make you happy. So if you are not serious about your diabetes then you are really fool because you are playing with your life. Signs of Diabetes are different we also called sugar to diabetes. So few Symptoms of  Higher Blood Sugar or Diabetes Signs are below.

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