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Sussanne Khan supports Hrithik over Kangana’s Legal battle

Sussanne Khan favours Hrithik Roshan over ongoing legal battle with Kangana

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan has finally got the life support system from estranged wife Sussanne Khan over the legal brawl with Kangana Ranaut. Recently, a photoshopped picture of Hrithik and Kangana has surfaced online and made the headlines. Since then, fans were speculating that is Hrithik is the innocent soul or is he really related to the matter. It’s clear now that the picture was photoshopped and introduced into the limelight to tarnish the image of the Superstar.

Since January, Kangana and Hrithik have many cold wars which finally turned into a legal battle. At first, Kangana’s lawyer has sent a notice to Hrithik on clarifying his stance over their relationship. Soon, Hrithik sent a counter notice and demanded the public apology to him. Over the months, the matter has turned murkier and still it’s very much confusing.

Kangana’s lawyer has already stated that it was Hrithik who is doing the email chat with Kangana Ranaut and even hacked her two accounts. On the contrary, Hrithik clarifies that he has no connection with this case. Hrithik has reiterated several times that he is not at all knowing Kangana socially.


Now, Sussanne has finally come in support for Hrithik and says that the trending photo of Kangana and Hrithik is actually photoshopped. She took to twitter and uploaded an old party photo, where Hrithik is embracing her. Interestingly, it is the same party photo, where Hrithik is wearing a Tuxedo and held Kangana Ranaut.

The matter has already affected both the actors personally and professionally. Altogether, it seems that Kangana was nearly cheated by an Imposter and Hrithik has no involvement in the case. Now, the question is, are they going to end the matter with a mutual understanding or it will stretch even further.

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