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South’s Diva Kajal Aggarwal Reveals The Trick Behind Kissing Scenes

The video in this article is an eye opener for all those who believe that celebs actually kiss in the movies. The gorgeous Diva of south, Kajal Aggarwal reveals the trick of how kissing happens in the shoot. Take it as a part of entertainment and not to your heart, as the video will break your dream to see no kissing in practical at all.


It is no doubt that such tricks act as a total tool of comfort for the actresses who get uneasy to give sensual kisses on screen. This is really something informative. Don’t forget to check the video at the end of this article. All those who were confused whether the kissing scenes in movies are real, this is a good answer. We cannot assure if all actresses agree to do an unrealistic kiss with the help of these tricks. There are a few bold babes who take up challenging roles and satisfy the quest of their fans.

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After watching this video, we are in doubt whether all Emraan Hashmi kisses were actually real or tricked. If this trick is real, then many girls would suffer from heartbreak due to Emraan’s fake kiss. We do appreciate that some celebs are professional and give their 100 % to the role they are playing. On the other side, the advanced technology is now making it possible to relieve many actors from getting uncomfortable on shooting sensual scenes. In the video, actor Surya and dazzling eyes actress Kajal Aggarwal are acting as if they have really kissed each other, however in reality they have not!


We cannot deny that most of the scenes in the movie are real, except for the kiss. Watch the video in length for the whole picture.

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