Sidharth’s Malhotra “Magical” Bollywood journey

Sidharth Malhotra is said to be the best Bollywood star of Indian cinema. He has done his debut in the movie called “Student of the year” and he was looking amazing. His song called kukkad kamal da” was his entry in the movie and then he was well known to be the best handsome guy of Bollywood. Bollywood has been always seen to be pick up handsome guys as well as pretty women. Well it’s true to make people fall in love they should have some attractive quality. They should be well known for their acting and they might even win some of the best awards in their life, if they appear good.

Like most newcomers to Bollywood, Sidharth Malhotra came to Mumbai at 18. He started out modelling, but quit after five years to become an actor.He worked as an assistant director to Karan Johar on “My Name Is Khan” and made his acting debut with KJo’s directorial Student Of The Year a couple of years later. In four years since his debut, he has already completed six films and has started shooting his seventh. The actor tells us why he finds Mumbai so fascinating.


Sidharth’s dad was in Navy and he use to travel a lot, so as Sidharth’s dad came to Mumbai he came along with him and he loved so much and he found fascinating.But he came to know and love the city when he came to join Bollywood, wanting to make it here like the millions that come here trying to live their dreams… This brings back so many memories in his life. When Sidharth came here he was very much excited, he feels people over here are so focused on their work and they don’t waste their time and they have 2 storeys building and in Delhi they have just one storey. People over here are very much excited about Bollywood life and we get cabs also soon then Delhi,people here are very driven about their work, something or the other is always going on, nobody pauses on the streets to take a breather.


There’s so much about it to love! When you are lonely and struggling, it is not the most exciting and fulfilling phase of your life. But it had its plus side… he met many single and ambitious people like him and made some life-long friends. He realise that everyone has a dream like you do, so you don’t feel you are alone. He found that oddly comforting. He have some very supportive friends here, people who have become like my family in Mumbai. We are all individuals who have come from different cities to make Mumbai our home so we help and provide emotional support to each other. It makes life much easier and more liveable. He is pretty lucky that He met some special friends like that who are working in different professions. The only thing in common is that they have all come together from various cities to live and work in this beautiful city called Mumbai. When you are living alone such friends become your family and support system.”


Bollywood gave him a chance to live his dreams and act in movies which is what he always wanted since his late teens. Before that, he was a lost child who didn’t have any interest to hang on to. He got his call as an actor here and now he is obsessed with it. So here the Bollywood stars are very much excited about their life and Sidharth has shared his one of the most loving part of his life.

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