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Shahid Kapoor’s Rude Reply To Media, When Asked about Ex-Kareena Kapoor!

Shahid Kapoor is still finding it uncomfortable to deal with his the questions related to Ex-Kareena Kapoor. Recently, during the trailer launch Shahid intentionally distanced himself with Kareena, in order to avoid to be clicked in the same frame. At a latest promotional event, when Shahid was questioned about Kareena, he literally outburst on the media and retorted him some serious piece of advice.


Well, It feels like the reel life character of ‘Tommy Singh’ hangover is still visible in Shahid Kapoor’s behaviour. Actually, In a recent Interview, Shahid Kapoor was asked about his awkwardness with Kareena Kapoor during the time of trailer event. The question was not well received by Shahid Kapoor. He eventually got furious on the journalist.

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