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Secrets Behind The Fit And Healthy Bodies Of 7 Bollywood Stars

It is said that the secret to a healthy body lies in the fitness routine that we follow. After all it is our body where we have to live in. There are our very favorite Bollywood stars who bring these theories into practice and spend a healthy life. It always happens that we get envious of the looks and the charm they possess on the screen but have we ever thought about the cautions they took and the lifestyle they opted for to look lesser than their real age.

Here is a list of seven actors along with the list of their health’s secrets that are finally unveiled.


The hearth throb of Bollywoood leaves every girl breathless every time he appears on the screen. He has a hot and fit body in possession. If it was the talent that made him a star just after a single movie that he debuted with, good looks played no lesser a role to increase his fan following.

Actor is very particular and regular with his exercising and workout routines. He basically do Martial arts, sports workout and intense cardio. He prefers to eat healthy and avoid high calorie food items containing oil and sugar. Papaya, Bananas and lotus seeds make up his snacks. The secret of his glowing skin is that he drinks 5-6 liters of water every day.

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