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Sana Khan Reveals The Harsh Truth Of Her Relationship Which No One Knows

Sana Khan has been in the news the time she went public with her breakup with choreographer and dancer, Melvin Louis. With the leading portal, the actress revealed the reason behind her breakup. When host Faridoon Shahryar asked her about the time when rumors of her and Melvin not being together made rounds, Sana Khan revealed that she always thought that the word ‘toxic’ was very hard-hitting.

 Melvin Louis restricting her on taking up projects, Sana Said

She said that he use to force her to go public with their relationship and also made her talk about it verbally within a month as she was not yet sure but she tried to make him secure and also told him that she does not have any adultery issues. She further talked about the red flags that she ignored. Her friends didn’t like him and always made her aware of him.

She also talked about how her mom just met Melvin Louis for 20 minutes and told her that he is a womanizer and asked her not to be friends with him.

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Sana Khan once was performing a dance number in the South remake of Simmba and Melvin asked her not to do a certain step because his mom would not be comfortable with that. She also added that he stopped her for doing any web-series and shared a particular incident where he did not want her to play somebody’s wife. When she was out of town, he made videos with girls who wore nothing below their thighs.


Sana Khan revealed that all Melvin Louis wanted to do was shut all her work and make her sit at home.  She also shared that he traveled with her everywhere, for all her projects while she did not travel anywhere with him for his projects.


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