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Salman Khan Will Not Play A Baddie In Dhoom 4!

Bollywood star Salman Khan is certainly the biggest star in the film industry right now. Recently, it was rumoured that Salman Khan will play the villain role in the upcoming flick Dhoom 4. Well, the latest news is certainly disheartening for the Bhaijaan fans.

 Dhoom-Cover. Salman Khan, who recently wins people’s heart with ‘Sultan‘, seems like said a no for ‘Dhoom 4’. Earlier, it was reported that Salman will surely be a part of Yash Raj Films but now it looks skeptical. The reason why Salman has rejected the movie will surely make you respect him more.


Salman has always been playing hero’s character in a movie and he seems that audience won’t accept him as a villain. We also heard that Shah Rukh Khan has now been approached to play the villainous role in ‘Dhoom 4’. As most of his negative role in movies worked wonders at Box-Office.

Altogether, the news is disheartening but still we have to wait for the official confirmation.

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