Saif Ali Khan reveals how he plans on raising Taimur amidst constant spotlight

Taimur Ali Khan is one of the most popular star kid in Bollywood. He is favorite among paparazzi. Media often asked Kareena and Saif on how they are dealing with Taimur’s popularity. Recently Saif Ali Khan interacted with media where she shared his plans on raising Taimur. In the same conversation, Saif recalled his childhood days and said that he happens to be a rebellious and unpredictable kid.

“There was a time as a kid, I was a bit rebellious and unpredictable. But now, everything has settled down so well and I feel wiser and a little enlightened. I think maybe it comes from the reading or thinking, or endless hours sitting around waiting for a shot and contemplating stuff. “It has led to a certain amount of comfort and understanding and peace,” Saif said during an interview with CNN’s Anna Coren, read a statement.

Talking about Taimur who constantly draws media attention, Saif said:

“Our job is to keep him balanced. I think Indian parents like us, like my parents, have a slightly tough time trying to put good moral values and basic family values into kids who grow up with too much attention. And it is possible. So, we hope that he is going to grow up fine and we’re very conscious of it,” 

Asked about his memories of his legendary cricketer father, Saif said: “I imagine very often you’ll find famous superstars who mean a lot of things to other people, sometimes mean less to their own children, because it’s hard to balance. But he was everything to us and he’s really one of the most ultimate people I have met.”

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