Sahil Sultan: Quote unquote “Fitness is not just of the body, but also for the mind”

A fitness freak and Social influencer Sahil Sultan highly believes that fitness is not just about the body but also about the mind. A healthier mind can bring in a good mood, good feeling causing the body to be at its best. Sahil has a natural understanding of fitness and health, that comes to him from his interest and passion for bodybuilding.

He doesn’t believe in bodybuilding by the consumption of supplements and other protein shakes. He considers the natural source of proteins and vitamins to be more nourishing than the ready to consume market products. As he belongs to the mid-class family, he very well understands the importance of money and believes that health cant is earned.

For Sahil fitness is not about displaying his six-pack abs, is about being in the best mood, feeling better, having strength and rigor rather than feeling lethargic and upset. A healthy mind is a powerhouse to run the engine of the body smoothly is a strong belief of Sahil Sultan. One must take care of his health as a strong body can give a long life and better mental strength says Sahil.

His belief that each one of us has to be their own fitness trainer motivated several youths and his natural instinct of style and elegant dressing sense made him an apple of eyes with millions of youth in no time. His pleasing smile, humble expression, and glowing skin and clear features brought him several die-hard fans who worship him and idols his fitness regime. As a social media influencer, Sahil is changed lives of many followers, he believes in sharing knowledge, motivating others and caring for others. It gives him immense pleasure to see the life of others shaping up to good. He has thousands of followers online and the fan base is increasing drastically not just to see his cuts and curves of six-pack abs but also to gain knowledge, get inspiration and follow him as a real-life inspiration to get a healthy physical, good stamina and better endurance.

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