Rohan Mehra Reveals Shocking Details During His Twitter Chat With Fans

When he was asked about some secret things of Bigg Boss, he said, “Yes many things were not shown ..Govinda Ji praised me a lot ..bani used to back bite about me and Lopa…etcetcetc.” This simply means that Rohan and Bani J were not so good friends. He was even being asked that will he be going back to his earlier show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, he says no for it.

Here are the tweets of Rohan Mehra’s interaction:

Rohan 4 Rohan 5 Rohan 6 Rohan 7

Even Rohan Mehra’s girlfriend wished him Valentine’s day by tweeting “Happy Valentine’s week”.We are happy that they are having a good time together. Very soon the couple will be visible to the whole world in the new season of Nach Baliye!

Rohan 8

Rohan 9
Overall, Rohan Mehra’s conversation simple means that he wants to move forward in life.


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