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Rhea’s lawyer tries to steer Sushant’s case in new direction; Alleges SSR had a huge insurance policy

When we talk about celebrities, the film industry, or the glamour world, multi-digit amounts are very obvious to follow up on the conversation. A similar case can be seen in Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case, where, from the very beginning, we have been witnessing the big amount of money being discussed in the case. From Rhea siphoning off an alleged 15 crore from Sushant’s account to ‘Kedarnath’ actor’s extravagant Europe and Thailand trips, a huge monetary angle is involved.

In a new development, another revelation has been made by the ‘Jalebi’ actress’ lawyer Satish Maneshinde about an alleged huge insurance policy in late actor’s name.

Speaking to a media channel, the lawyer alleged, “If a person has a huge life insurance policy, should his death be declared a suicide or some other reason to enjoy the benefits of the policy? Statement of the people residing in the house reveals that his family was continuously informed. Right from the time the door was being opened, to the time when instructions were given to knock out the door, to the time when they saw the body hanging; IPS OP Singh was giving instructions as well. His family knew everything. I assure you she left the house because Sushant had asked her to. Rhea is being maliciously accused by the family.”

Talking about Sushant’s medical treatment, lawyer Satish alleged that Rajput’s family was aware of his mental state. He said, “The records say that the family was aware of his medication as far back as November 29, 2019. There are exchange of messages between Shruti (Modi) and his family asking for prescriptions and medicines. It is revealed that on 8th of June, 2020, when Rhea left the house around 12:30, he was in touch with his sisters. Priyanka had sent the message asking about his health.

Previously, he had asked for the medicines from her. She sent a couple of names of the medicines which he said he can’t get without a prescription. She procured the prescription from Ram Manohar Lohiya Hospital and sent it to him. This prescription is a bogus one. Sushant has been entered as an OPD patient. The medicines prescribed to him fell in the narcotics section. He was not in Delhi when this entry was found.”

Meanwhile, a string of posts were surfaced on social media recently where the user account by the name of Satish Maneshinde had shared some screenshots of medicines administered to Sushant along with the details as to what mental conditions are treated with them.

Interestingly all these details were shared from the late actor’s manager Shruti Modi’s mobile phone to Sushant’s sister’s WhatsApp, though the latter has been in continuous denial to know anything about their brother’s condition and anything about the medicines administered to him. The controversial post also showed that SSR’s sister even knew about the doctor and in fact in the alleged post was asking Shruti to set up her meeting with the doctor.

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