Ranvir Shorey takes a dig at the ‘gatekeepers of Bollywood’- Jaya Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor

The latest stir created by Kangana Ranaut with her comment ‘gutter’ in relation to Bollywood reached its apex when Jaya Bachchan took to the Parliament to address the issue. Now, actor Ranvir Shorey has spoken against the ‘gatekeepers of Bollywood‘ alleging them of defending the ‘muck in Bollywood‘.

Ranvir Shorey

Ranvir Shorey took to his social media and wrote,  “The ones who come out defending the muck in #Bollywood are either the ‘gatekeepers’, or the ones sucking up to them. If you don’t like someone whistleblowing or using their freedom of expression, you’re free to use your freedom of enabling. Don’t see what the fuss is about.”

Ranvir has probably written down his concern after actors like Sonam Kapoor and Jay Bachchan who is the MP of Samajvadi Party raised her opinions and concerns blaming people of trying to  “tarnish the image of the entire industry”. The veteran actress indirectly pointed fingers towards Kangana Ranaut and Ravi Kishan after they blamed that most of Bollywood is addicted to drugs.

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Ranvir Shorey Tweeted after Jaya alleged that there is a  ‘conspiracy to defame the film industry’. She further elaborated on the Parliament session saying,  “People in the entertainment industry are being flogged by social media. People who made their names in the industry have called it a gutter. I completely disagree. I hope that the government tells such people not to use this kind of language.”

Not just Kangana, it was Ravi Kishan too whose comments had shocked Jaya. She mentioned,  “Just because there are some people, you can’t tarnish the image of the entire industry. I am ashamed that yesterday one of our members in Lok Sabha, who is from the film industry, spoke against it. It is a shame.”

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