Rahul Dev Supports Om Swami’s Eviction – Expresses Views On Twitter

Om Swami has been the most disgusting contestant of Bigg Boss season 10 – or should we say the most disgusting contestant of the ALL the seasons of Bigg Boss! In the previous week, Om Swami had crossed all his limits and peed in a mug in open. Apart from that, he shamelessly threw his pee upon Bani J and Rohan Mehra after a tiff with them. This was enough for the makers of Bigg Boss which is when they decided that it’s time they take an action. Immediately, Bigg Boss took a strict action and bouncers were called inside the house to kick Om Swami out of the Bigg Boss 10 house!

Everybody was quite happy with this decision. Not only did the housemates applauded this decision by Bigg Boss but also the evicted contestant Rahul Dev took to twitter to express his views regarding the same:

Rahul Dev
Rahul Dev

While some former Bigg Boss contestants are calling Bigg Boss fake and scripted, Bigg Boss 10 ex-contestant Rahul Dev has a completely different take on the entire Om Swami incident:

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