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Publicity Stunt For Sultan!

Bollywood singer Arijit Singh has invited controversy on its own door by writing an open letter to Salman Khan for seeking his apology. Arijit took to social media to publicly say sorry to Salman Khan and insist him not to remove his version of the song from the movie ‘Sultan’. The latest we heard that Salman Khan himself had crooned the song which was earlier expected to be sung by Arijit. Don’t you think it’s a well-created controversy before the release of ‘Sultan’?


As we have already seen in the past few years that controversies become a part of the movie only during the release of a film. From where the controversies arise no one knows but mainly it helps the movie to gain mass popularity. Except some rare cases where controversies were led to the debacle of the movie like recent example ‘Dilwale’.

Even the latest case of Arijit Singh seems like a publicity stunt from the singer in order to promote Salman Khan upcoming movie Sultan. Now, the question arises why Arijit has opened this issue in front of all at this time of Sultan’s release, why not before? There are many questions which needed to be answered but it looks like yet another attempt to popularize the upcoming movie.


Meanwhile, Salman had already sung the ‘Dil Rooyan’ song in his own voice as his singing talent were praised in his home production film ‘Hero’. In the movie ‘Hero’ Salman crooned the romantic number ‘Main Hoon Hero Tera’.


A source close to the Sultan Team said, “Whether Arijit plans to visit Salman’s house for forgiveness or tries to convince him through social media, the decision is not going to change as everyone’s clear that there’s no place for Arijit in Sultan.”

No one knows what’s going on but this controversy has really led a good promotion for the movie. If we believe in the story of Arijit, he said that he mistakenly hurt Salman Khan in an award ceremony. Since then Salman has never accepted his apology. If the makers were really serious about the case, they must have officially said something till now. Anyways, Salman Khan starer film is slated to release on Eid this year.


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