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Priyanka Chopra Is Out Of Baywatch Movie Poster! Here’s The Reason Why

All Priyanka Chopra fans met with the upset when they didn’t find her in the first poster of her debut Hollywood movie ‘Baywatch‘. As we know that she is playing the baddie in the movie with a good amount of role. Then the question arises,why she is not in the first Baywatch Poster. Don’t get much upset Peechee fans, here’s is a good news for you.


Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has made a big mark at the International level with her show ‘Quantico’. Now she is all set for her upcoming release ‘Baywatch’, which is her first international project. She has won a lot of awards and accolades in the last one year which proves her mettle in her field.

She was a part of big events like White House Correspondents’s Dinner with President Barack Obama. Nowadays, Priyanka is all busy with her shoots and events in the USA that she hardly gets time to do any other things.

Priyanka is currently on the cloud nine in terms of her success at the foreign boundaries. We even wish that she get more new film projects in the year to come post ‘Baywatch’.


According to a source, we heard that Priyanka will be getting a special treatment for promotion and that’s the reason why she is not there to the first poster. Here’s is what the source has to say, “Priyanka will have a separate introduction and promotional campaign for Baywatch. The makers are treating her character as importantly as Dwayne Johnson‘s and she will have a separate promotional campaign around her character Victoria. It is a mega budget campaign and they will be putting big spends in introducing Priyanka Chopra as she makes her big Hollywood debut. It promises to be as big as the Joker promotional campaign for the Dark Knight.”


Well, this is really a special treatment for our own Priyanka Chopra

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