Presenting our very own Bollywood Stars’ First Ever Tweets! “First Cry” On Twitter!

Stars these days are keeping themselves absolutely updated with the technology and are all time active over social media! In these times were the Bollywood stars make use of their social media accounts to stay in touch with their fans and interact with them , keeping them updated about the happenings in their lives, here’s presenting to you how exactly had these Bollywood Stars made an entry on Twitter, their first tweet on one of the Biggest Social Media Platform!

Here’s presenting to you the “First Cry” of the Bollywood Stars over Twitter, presenting to you the introductory or the welcome tweet by the Bollywood Stars over Twitter!

Shraddha Kapoor 

“Hi guys.. I’m back! Want to say sorry to all of you,for going on a break without saying bye.. Feels so good to be back 🙂 How is everyone?”

Sonam Kapoor

“I cant believe I gave in to this!”

Shah Rukh Khan

“hi everyone. being extremely shy i never thought i would be here. but my friend insisted that i should learn to share my life.”

Abhishek Bachchan

“hey guys! yes, yes it’s really me. thank you troon (thats tarun mansukhani). so people…….JrB is in da house!”

Amitabh Bachchan

hey baby !! I made it on twitter !!! Yeeaaaaaahhhh !! … sorry.. just got carried away .. safe onward flight and love”

Priyanka Chopra

“Testing… 123…”

Parineeti Chopra

Figured I might be able to know more about what you’re doing here than at home! Welcome me to twitter plz haha”

Madhuri Dixit

“For all of my fans, finally I have joined Twitter. Love, Madhuri”

Salman Khan

“Arbaaz ne kaha ke tweet kar toh banta hai boss”

Arjun Rampal

“Hello everyone, yes I am finally here thanks to Mr. Kjo…..so lets discover what twitter is all about…right now on the sets of Stepmom..”

Aamir Khan

“Testing. Aamir.”


Farah Khan

“TEES MAAR KHAN First Poster http://yfrog.com/bcstfqj”


Riteish Deshmukh

“Did some greta scenes for HOUSE FULL today> Sajid Khan is by far the most funniest person/director i have worked with> Poora paaagal hai!!!!”

Ranveer Singh

“Hello check”

Hrithik Roshan

“Spread humanity with a vengeance, GO WATCH MY NAME IS KHAN. ..and for the record, my name is HRITHIK ROSHAN.”

Akshay Kumar


Deepika Padukone

“tweet tweet!!its 5 am and all my tweetmates must be fast asleep…so i welcome myself to twitterverse…:-)”

Stay tuned for more updates!

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