Prabhas Is Set To Marry In March 2018 With This Girl?

Post the success of Bahubali series, Prabhas has become the biggest ever star in India. Recently, there was news erupted that Prabhas is all set to marry next year. Well, according to the latest report, it looks like he is finally decided to marry in March 2018.

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Before the release of Bahubali 2, rumors spread that Prabhas is all set to tie the nuptial knots in 2018. The news spread on the internet and soon netizens were engrossed in it. Soon it was reported that Prabhas’ bride is from Bhimavaram (Andhra Pradesh), whose photos went viral on the internet. Eventually, Prabhas’s uncle Krishnam Raj refuted all rumours and hinted that he may get married post-Baahubali 2.

And the latest news gives us a clear hint that his marriage is on the cards in 2018. As per the reports, Prabhas is getting hitched with the granddaughter of Raasi Cement Industrialist Chairman. It is reported that both the families have met lately but still no official confirmation yet. So, we have to wait for few months for this news confirmation.

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