Perfectly Timed Photos Taken Minutes Before A Disaster!

Photography is a very passionate and beautiful job. There are various pictures we see, which give us the sense of perfect timing. here we are going to give you several Perfectly time pictures just before the disaster.

Cargo Overboard

Check this picture of Cargo Shipp, which came so close to toppling over. The ship here was more in control than you think. Can you believe that the ship didn’t flip? Everyone was safe, but nevertheless, it makes for an insane photo.

That’s call Finale

The picture here is taken at an air show. The pilot of the harrier ejects himself right before it crashes in front of huge audience. Not a single person was injured in the show. Some of the audience even believed that it was part of the show. The photographer should definitely get an award for this amazingly perfect picture. By the way, That’s call Finale.

How about a Whale as your Swimming partner

It seems that this giant whale came pretty close to that human, before deciding to ignore. We are very happy that our ocean friend got away with horrible incident without any problems. I think these divers should be extra careful from now on. Nevertheless, it made for a hell of a picture.

How is he going to land that?

Nigel Corner, a driver in the Goodwood Revival of 1998 survived an insanely brutal crash. While talking about that horrible incident in an interview with Motor Sports Magazine, he said, “those old Ferraris are bloody strong, but if I’d been belted in I’d be a dead man now.” Who knew at that time, that forgetting to put your safety belt would save your life in a crash?

That Was Too Close!

During a hilltop race, a car crashed into the spectators. The race abruptly ended due to this unfortunate incident. The best part about it was that everyone walked away safely including the car driver. The car landed just 5 minutes feet away from three ladies, as it bounced off a rock and landed on the right side up.

The Python Whisperer

The woman became friend with one of the most dangerous Burmese Python, which is known for swallowing human as a whole. You can see her completely relaxed and peaceful in the picture. We can say that the lady seemed to be a The Python Whisperer.

Clown phobia

Some people fear clowns a lot, we are not making up folks. Even some grown-up men fear clowns. This baker was minding his business very happily until he encountered the clowns. Imagine getting startled by your worst fear, the man freaks out to a whole new level.

Daredevil Kid

The kid seems to b real life Daredevil, as he performs an action with full of confidence. His sister seems to be enjoying her brother’s stunt. As always, mom seems to be worried despite knowing it would end well. The boy performed his stunt very safely.

Checking a lady is harmful folks

Whenever a beautiful girl passes, men can’t resist taking a look. This poor man was a perfect example; he embraced himself by running into the pole in order to take a glimpse of the pretty lady. He will definitely tell you it was worth doing so, but we think it’s not.

Titanic Move with a Twist

This couple thought that doing the iconic Titanic pose would be great, but it doesn’t seem that way. All thanks to the seagull, it failed horribly. The seagull seems a particular liking of lady’s nose.

Water Burn

That’s the way you do skiing. It seems that they would have collided, but not everyone walked out safely. The guy on the top walked away with some water burns.

Shark Surf

Seth seems to be a very good friend with this shark, as he is surfing at the top of the shark. Here both shark and Seth walked away unharmed.

That’s very cruel guys

The lady seemed much freaked out, as her husband was holding a sting ray on her back. Nothing happened though, but her reaction tells us all.

Gator in Police encounter

The officer in the picture is Chuck Lamm, who holds a giant 6-foot alligator at gunpoint. The alligator stared the officer for 20 minutes, before walking away to the river.

Not So Deadly Whales

Whales are pretty harmless we all know that, but they can cause lots of damage with their size. The picture tells us that that tiny boat would have been gone, that was not the case. These fishermen lived and told the story.

Love the Elephant

The giant elephant wants to be a friend. The couple in cars remains calm despite the giant looking to pick the car.

Octopus Pack

Octopus can cause leave a man paralyzed. This couple faked the paralysis, which seems to work.

Just a little Byte

Camels are very calm when it comes to humans. They sometimes play with the humans by sniffing the hairs. Here it seems that the camel was pretty frustrated, as it took out on that innocent lady.

Pole Dancing On Public Transport

The poll dancer knows that you don’t pull a stunt with a drink on your hand. This poor guy felt to notice that and felt the pain.

A Furry Cat Rocket

This is how a cat would look when you shoot them out of a cannon. The cat seems to have found something very exciting.

Dodge the ball Or Not

The lady seemed to be at the wrong place at a wrong time.

Special Delivery

The tale of Storks delivering babies is a very old tale, which goes way back to Roman times. Many people believe that Storks brings good fortune. These birds are also very good parents, as they care for their off spring long after they learn to fly.

Sudden Doom

No one can argue about the timing of this photo. The photo seems to be taken fraction of seconds before it hits the water. There is no one in that car, folks. The car was dropped off into the water from the sky, don’t know why.

Way to watch the Ballgame

Baseball is a very popular game in America. When you are pretty close to the home plate, you should watch out for the projectiles. You should be focused all the time, I think that man was not doing so.


Have you ever seen a bird fighting? Look how cute they look while doing so. It seems that they don’t like each other at all.

Fairytale Wedding

This is a fairy tale wedding in a true sense.

Walking On The Clouds

This guy knows how to pose, even when you are freefalling.

True Stealth Mode

This kitty hanging on the door can give a serious scare to the dog anytime.

Biking is tough

You should always check the nuts and bolts of your bike properly. This guy paid the price for not doing so.

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