OMG! Shah Rukh Khan Turned Down Hollywood?!

While all in Bollywood are busy gearing up for their Hollywood careers nowadays, there are some stars that prefer their own audience instead of a global one. And one of them is superstar Shah Rukh Khan.


The actor is an internationally known name with his striking persona and hence he too has received many offers from the West. But surprisingly King Khan has turned them all down!

And while he has remained tight-lipped on this matter, his buddy filmmaker Farah Khan recently opened up and revealed the reason behind this decision of his.


In fact, in a recent media interaction Farah Khan revealed that the Bollywood megastar has been offered quite a few roles in the American film industry but he’s turned them all down.

srk farha

Farah was asked about how everyone from B-town is compromising for Hollywood movies. To this she replied, “It’s not like that, I think there are a lot of actors who have refused a lot of Hollywood films. I know for a fact that Shah Rukh has turned down many offers from them as he did not think the role was big enough for him to play. So there are stars who are not compromising too.”

Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t need Hollywood to validate his acting skills.


He is regarded as one of the most revered actors in the world, even Paul Feig, director of Bridesmaid, wants to work with SRK.

Shah Rukh Khan receives Honorary Degree from University Of Edinburgh on 15th October 2015

So much so, that the 49-year-old star, was presented with an honorary degree from the University of Edinburgh in recognition of his global reach as an actor, outstanding record of philanthropy, altruism and humanitarianism.

Does he need Hollywood? NO! Does Hollywood need him? YES!

Filmmaker Farah Khan and actor Shahrukh Khan during the music launch of film Happy New Year in Mumbai on Sept 15, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

I wonder what the King of Romance will have to say about this new revelation by one of his favourite directors and closest friends!

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