OMG! Karan Johar Talks About His Failed Relationships!

Can you believe that the leading film maker had three failed relationships in his life? The ace director and film maker who is supposed to be the king of romantic movies had never had a happy and successful love affair in his life. It is really heartening to believe that Karan Johar who has given Bollywood some of the best love movie rights from 90s to this age has never been able to taste the sweet love in his life. (read About – Trouble in Bachchan family because of Karan Johar)

OMG! Karan Johar had three failed relationships

The actor recently has been vocal to the media and he shared that in his life he has never been able to have a love affair like the one he shows in his movies. The 44 year old super successful director had 3 failed love relationships. (Release – first Look of Ghazi attack)