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These Old Pictures Of Priyank Sharma Are Going VIRAL And You Won’t Be Able To Recognize Him!

When Priyank Sharma has entered Bigg Boss 11, he already had a massive fan following, courtesy his appearance on reality shows like Spitsvilla and Roadies. People have loved their chemistry with Divya Agarwal in MTV and he has huge fan followers on Instagram.

However, he couldn’t spread his charming magic on the most controversial TV Reality Show Bigg Boss 11. He seems always been involved in a dispute. From his girlfriend Divya declaring a breakup with Salman Khan bashing him in most of the episodes, Priyank seems crawling into controversies in every episode.

With his cute face and six-pack abs, he makes girls weaken over his good looks. But you’ll be amazed to see his old pictures where he seems unrecognizable. Don’t believe it? Just take a look!


Well, these are pretty old pictures of Priyank Sharma. Aren’t some of them embarrassing? What do you think? Share your comments below. Stay tuned to more news!

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