All You Need To Know About Sachin Tendulkar Daughter Sara!

Sara Tendulkar has turned 19 today and she is just the most glamourous celebrity in the B-town. She doesn’t hail from a Film background but still she is the cutest celebs. She remains off from the limelight but whenever it comes to an important event, she does present along with his dad. She is beautiful and surely makes it big in Bollywood.


Well, here we have ensemble some important facts about Sara Tendulkar:

  1. She often compared with Sridevi’ daughter Jhanvi, who will soon make a debut it Bollywood. She is just of the same age as Jhanvi and they both looks very similar. Whenever Jhanvi attends a Bollywood celebs party, the rumours starts churning that she is making her Bollywood debut.


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