Does KRK Deserve Rs 25 Lakhs For A Movie Promotion? Here’s Our Verdict

Bollywood’s self-proclaimed critic Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK has always been in the media limelight for some or other reasons. Touted to be a controversy king, KRK has vehemently criticized many Bollywood movies and actors. For Bollywood Industry people, KRK seems like a dreaded Villian, who never miss any chance to give his insane opinions and reviews. At latest, KRK was in the news for confessing over a phone call that he took 25 lacks to promote ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil‘ over ‘Shivaay‘.


Now, the question here is, Do KRK deserves this big money and how accurate his films predictions are? Read out till the end to get to know about our verdict over KRK’s Reviews.

1. A Flying Jatt


KRK didn’t like Tiger Shroff’s performance and gives the rating 1 star. Well, his rating is not any bad as most of the critics have rated it maximum 2 stars.

Released on August 25, the film collects mere 36 crores in the first week. For this movie, KRK review was ok as other Critics also given the same kind of rating.

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