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In early times to Model’s were recognize by the magazine cover or advertisement. The 1980’s were the height of the supermodel era, there is always a chase to reach iconic supermodel status throughout the years, whatever field it is the change is always necessary and even in modelling industry the change has taken place.

after this change not just model but also celebrities and even movies actors have taken a step forward for their photo shoot to get more noticeable, the movie actor or celebrity can one or the another can be noticeable but there is always a struggling matter for upcoming models to make a mark in the world. But Kate Upton has change the view of models by coming up totally different in this field than others. Kate Upton has not just heat up the internet but she has broken the internet number on most of the occasions, Kate has shown that is how you carry yourself in modelling and how you appeal your personality in spite of not having a typical figure which needs for modelling. Let’s chek out how 15 times kate Upton broke the internet record.


1. Proposal rejected by Kate Upton on live tv.
Kate Upton hit the top of the modelling list in 2012. Kate was seen on number of television shows. Once she was been asked to be on CNBC sports. It was a little bit surprising for her. This was not just enough for her there was lot more to come. The CNBC sport report,Darren Rovell , is in love wid kate while he bend down on his knees and appeal a rose to her, well kate response was very polite but a good one “i definitely want a chocolate, but there’s a little bit of waiting list”. She is a beauty but tough too. HAHA! good one kate. It was really a special moment but don’t forget Darren Rovell is a married man.


2.Eat the way you love eat.
In 200y Carl’s Jr had their first campaign featuring an ultra provocative take on eating fast food. The campaign always had a different actress or celebrity including Kim Kardashian Padma lakshmi, heidi klum the hottest celebrity on indstry. Yet another campaing was under the belt of kate upton themed by carl’s jr whic was one of the most popular advertisement of fast food lovers. The advertisement was very much sexualy aroused thats why carl’s jr and Hardees CEO were there to explain the themed. It was answered as that we should eat it the way we love it. You really need to get it. most sexiest advertisement for food ever.


3. Kate covers the whole page .
After the carl’s jr commercial ad campaign in 2012, she was definitely on a peak to reach some height in the industry. After getting the most overwhelming response from the audience by perfect timing in the fast food chain. Carl’s Jr. Southwest Patty Melt. CEO, Andy Puzder, said ““We have a history of picking these young women before they hit their peak”. He told that Kate Upton was recognized before in their commercial ad before she got the cover of sports illustrated. On the cover page of sports illustrated, Kate is wearing a bikini, not just this but also her appeal in the cover page helped her in the rise of his career.


4.Upton as athena..greek goddess
Game Of War- Fire Age. was launched in 2013. in 2010 original Game Of War mobile game was released. But again it was kate Upton who increased the level of a game after she was hired as a spokesperson of the advertisement. This girl can increase the earning of any mobile game which she is featuring in the trailer of the advertisement was a little bit similar to the lord of the rings she was shown as the greek goddess of war named Athena. Kate Upton was portrayed differently in the ad campaign series. But the one which clicked up was in 2015 super bowl, she was riding a horse and battling her enemies.


5.A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Kate Upton and her new brunette BFF Alexandra Dario. Alexandra Dario was mostly known when she appears topless in the hit HBO series, true detective, even there was something more to surprise us when she seems to have such a close relationship with Kate Upton. It seems like kate is not a selfish girl, she welcomed her costar with open arms. their pictures together were seen on every social media sites. Kate is not only a bombshell but also a kindhearted towards all other beautiful women in the industry. Kate is a beauty with brains.


6. Kate Upton- in beach bunny swimwear show.
Kate seems to rise in his career step by step. She was the part of Mercedes-Benz fashion week runway show, which was entitled as the beach bunny swimwear show, in July 2011. It will b a boost to any model to be a part of a runaway show in the start of their modelling career kate was one of them. the high time was when she was highly appreciated when she walks very confidently and sexy despite she didn’t look like a typical swimsuit model which helped in open the mind of every viewer. this made kate a step forward and after this, she was seen onscreen and was the fresh face of every magazine cover page.


7.Babies are loved by a new fairy, Kate Upton.
Do u remember the video “Hush Little Baby Don’t You Cry” by Carine Roitfeld’s, kate Upton was featured in the video and it was the huge sensation of 2012 kate Upton was seen totally opposite than some of her other ironic look, she was looking like a barbie in the video she was surrounded by cute babies, puppies, animals and flowers. But this gesture of her didn’t spoil the video, in fact, it had a tremendous impact on media because it was a look of fairy but costumes were of Halloween. Lovely background with flowers rolling down her body and a handsome man dressed as unicorn moving around this take us into a total fantasy world. Kate chose in this video because Rotifield didn’t want a proper model but he wants who can be perfect for the surroundings.


8. Floating Kate in zero gravity
No cover photo this time bt still hold the magazine with her ironic look appeal, in 2014 swimsuit sports illustrated magazine. This was the first ever zero gravity photo shoot with a swimsuit model. Kate chose to shoot for a pictorial spread for sports illustrated. James Macari the photographer was privilaged of the shooting.there were lots of people for the shoot who boarded for modified boing 727. Behind the scene, photos were revealed where it shows how each and was bumping into the wall and how it was the toughest job for a photographer to click a perfect picture in motion but James Macari did well and even kate look perfectly sexy floating all over and giving the perfect pose .


9.Eye catching views at Sobe party for kate
This is something for us for man. Try everything platform was a project created by Sobbe, this was to gain a maximum male audience. Kate was appointed so that male can get attracted to the product and their sale get increased. There was a party held by Sobe there was a contest with a digital audience. The rules of staring contest was that competitor of face detection software to determine the eye alignment of the user. Competitors had to make an eye contact and not look down at any other part of the body. Wait a moment! this is not enough Kate was seen wearing an itty-bitty bikini, and was seen roaming all around the party try to distract the competitors. The eye contact of competitors moved from opposite person eyes to Upton’s sexual appeal.


10. Most Talented Kate Upton
Terry Richardson is a famous photograph with a high profile image, so he was the best option for the video segment entitled, “The Many Talents Of Kate Upton.” This video contains the journey of kate Upton showing her hottest moves and appeal. This video has viewed by lots and lots of people and it was a huge sensation once it was broadcast. Kate was seen as a lifeguard running on the beach at the start of the video, there is nothing new in running on the but Kate does it in a special to catch the eye of everyone, not just one moment but even riding  a roller coaster and even going to wardrobe malfunction. How can we forget Wet T-Shirt Contest Champion.” as we always say its best at the end.


11. Kate in her new attire.
Easter in 2012, had a bunch of pictures by love magazine. There was a competition between Doutzen Kroes and Kate Upton. Wow! it was so good to see Kroes in a Jessica Rabbit-style theme, but it compare to Upton’s rendition of a sexy Peter Cottontail, as the was attire shoot was done before but not everyone can show sexy appeal as kate does. She didn’t seems to be as glamorous as Jessica rabbit but after the video was viral on social media internet was hit hard.


12.Topless Kate has gone viral.

Complex magazine was released in 2002 that consider fashion music and art too. by 2012 Kate was on her part of becoming a top model so he was approach by Complex magazine to be on their pages. It had been seen that a  goal has been accomplished, there was a glimpse of behind the scene that Kate was topless and it was entitled as “Kate Upton SUPER Topless On a Horse,” the video was just of 71 seconds . The TMZ decision of uploading this video was gone through  a lot of controversies, she was indeed topless on the horse.


13.Kate shows her new moves.
Kate was just 18 years old when she and her model friend attended to a clippers game at Los Angeles in 2011. The music at the game aroused kate to move her feet on the song each Me How to Dougie,” began playing. She was enjoying, We can see that in the recording that her friend took when she was doing a Dougie. Has her own ironic way of appealing on every song she didn’t do a perfect Dougie but had a super-playful and sexy way.


14.Kate got linked in Antarctica.
not just movies or school exams papers but also the pictures of kate Upton for magazine cover page of sports illuster was linked online. the shoot was not normal kate is hot but the shoot was done at the coolest place on the earth Antarctica tundra.cover was used for the 50th Anniversary of the iconic Swimsuit Edition. There was a no surprise that kate Upton was chosen for their swimsuit edition for the 2013 cover edition. The cover for the Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated magazine is more than just another photo shoot.


15.Dance baby Dance.
Kate not only in modelling but even youtube can’t hide her from gettings her video viral, shoot by famous photograph Terry Richardson. She was in a bikini, while the bikini was totally in distress as she came in front of the camera the things even got interesting when she started dancing on the cat daddy. Upton is not a typical model type girl but by his sexy and glamorous moves he can go audiences crazy. she always does something to entertain audience viewers don’t get bored looking at her again and again. she is not just a super sexy model but she is even a kind hearted girl , down to earth lady.

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