Katrina Kaif’s humanitarian aid towards Bollywood dancers amidst the pandemic

Known for grace and beauty, Katrina Kaif is one of the most successful Bollywood actresses. The diva is currently in the limelight for her most generous efforts that she has made towards the background dancers. Being the first to do such a phenomenal gesture, Katrina donated money to 100 background dancers during the current crisis in order to help them sustain themselves till they get back to work. She directly transferred the amount in their bank accounts. Many of them are utilising the help to their best and trying to stand back on their own feet.

Katrina Kaif

The money given by Katrina is being used by few of the dancers as the principal amount to start small businesses like selling vegetables, eggs and snacks counters on the roadside, and tiffin service. Octupus Entertainment’s Raj Surani has also been motivating and encouraging dancers to self sustain themselves for quite sometime now. He considers Katrina to be extremely generous and is grateful to her for coming out and helping them. “The dancers have utilised the money transferred by Katrina to start small businesses like tiffin services, beauty services and selling homemade chocolates” he said.

Hetal who is a senior dancer has been going all the way to APMC market to buy vegetables from the money given by Katrina and then selling it online to local residential areas. “I am taking the risk of my life as I leave at 3 am in the morning leaving my children alone to buy vegetables and then come back and sell vegetables to locals” she said.

Raj Surani also added, “Dancers are really motivated to become self-reliant. Dancers will be the last ones to get back on the sets. Last five months have been tough on them as they are daily wagers with no other source of earning. Thanks to actors like Katrina Kaif, dancers are taking up alternate professions to survive during this corona crisis. There are some who work in call centres, whereas others have started jobs like setting up gym equipment at client’s homes/gyms, selling groceries and trading business. We would like more actors and film industry personalities to come forward and help them.”

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