Karva Chauth Special: 10 Things About Indian Wives and Their Lives!

Today is the special occasion of Karva Chauth, the day when the Indian wife keeps a fast the entire day, eating and drinking nothing just for the health, well being and long life of her husband. So, as a tribute to all the wives out there, especially the newly weds here’s Filmy Mantra’s special Indian Wives and Their Lives!

The life of the Indian Bride begins when she first catches a glimpse of her handsome and charming soul mate

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And of course, she blushes and blushes and blushes

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So, the weddings done and now she finally knows that her husband just like other men is nothing but a douchebag. He is at her service and if he ever thinks he is still the boss, there’s just one thing the wife does

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But still, if another woman says anything about her beloved hubby. She can start a Cat fight anyplace anytime!

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And then there’s Karva Chauth, where the wife gets all dressed up,

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fasts the whole day and applies Mehndi on her hands

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After that, there’s a loooooong wait for the Moon to come and help her break the fast. The wait is NEVER ENDING!

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When finally it comes up and brightens up the night sky!

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Watching the moon for the first time, after starving the whole day, the wife is elated and excited! Hehe She looks at the moon, then her husband

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Finally, it is Time To EAT! But not before she feeds her husband first! Indian Wives I tell you!

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But then again, she is Indian and therefore she is the best! Happy Karva Chauth to All the Beautiful Indian Wives!

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