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Istanbul Terror Attack: 2 Indians Killed Including Filmmaker Abis Rizvi Among 39 Others

Istanbul Terror Attack is one of the tragic incidents that we all have witnessed on the new year’s eve. It was a celebration day across the world but it turned out to be a massacre in Istanbul. The incident has happened around 1.15 am when two gunmen dressed as Santa Claus entered at Reina nightclub and killed 39 people.


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No one was expected such a scenario on the very first day of 2017. During that time, it was around 700 people in the famous club, when two terrorists entered and started firing randomly. Before entering inside the club, they have already shot down a policeman and gatekeeper. In the rush hour, 69 people wounded in the Reina nightclub attack. Soon after the attack Islamic state had claimed the responsibility of it. In a released statement, they said, “heroic soldier of the caliphate.” In this incident, 2 Indians also died in this tragic attack. One of them was Indian filmmaker Abis Rizvi, who has recently produced a Bollywood movie Roar: The Tigers of Sundarbans. The other lady was being identified as Khushi Shah, a resident of Gujarat. In a Tweet from Ms. Sushma Swaraj, “I have a bad news from Turkey. We have lost two Indian nationals in the Istanbul attack. Indian Ambassador is on way to Istanbul.The victims are Mr.Abis Rizvi son of former Rajya Sabha MP and Ms.Khushi Shah from Gujarat.” She even tweeted, “He and Mrs. Rizvi also want to go to Istanbul. We r organizing their Visa.” Abis Rizvi’s death has literally shocked the world of Bollywood as it is a big loss to the Industry.

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In this incident, 15 foreign nationals were killed including Two Lebanese and five Saudi nationals. Among the deceased, two people from Tunisia, three French nationals, three people from Jordan and a woman from Israel country. Overall, this kind of attacks is not the first one in Istanbul. In 2016 only, 160 people were dead in several incidents.
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