Introducing the charming Insouciant- Sharbel Hasbany

“Style is the answer to everything.
A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing
To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it
To do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art”

These lines of poet Charles Bukowski cease to leave me this morning after I read the book last night. While I still carry the book in my hand with the small notepad and tape recorder for an exciting new interview; little did I know that I would actually meet someone who lives by the words of Bukowski. So while I am waiting in the lounge area for International Makeup artist Sharbel Hasbany; I wonder if I will be under scanner for attempting to baked contouring trend on my face. While I am over thinking; the room is suddenly filled with so much of vivacity and amiable charm so I turn around and find the brilliant Sharbel Hasbany waving at me. There are few people who have the charm to enthrall you with their spellbinding presence and Charbel Hasbany has an ethereal charm indeed!

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words and in the case of International makeup artist Sharbel Hasbany; it reflects much beyond his myriad work profile. He has made a splash in the International circuit with his engaging work and worked for Elle, Vogue, Ellements & Institute Magazine to name a few. The work of makeup artists like Marco Antonio, Roshar, Maria Ortega and Francesca Tolot inspires him.

He starts telling me about the recent Falguni and Shane photoshoot that he enjoyed a lot. “It was such an incredible shoot. Imagine we were working amidst the rocks in the interiors of a beautiful forest and we worked as a team. It is absolutely worthwhile to work with an endearing team who are really excited”

[I cannot help but notice his beautiful black ring with intricate details and I keep staring at it while he gesticulates vividly. He looks at me; smiles with a nod and continues with his story.] I was studying at medical school and honestly I had no idea I will be interested in becoming a makeup artist because I was always the bright student. [He starts giggling and claps his hand.]

“A funny incident actually ignited this inevitable spark within me” he says and I ask him to tell me all about it! Funny as it may sound to you; I was a dancer at a party and there was no makeup artist for us so I started doing my own makeup. That was like my moment of revelation and I felt Hmm I am freaking good at this! There was no looking back after that. I dropped from medical school and went to France to study the art.”

“I feel like I am an artistic conduit and envisage every face as my canvas. I feel the key is to not be afraid. Simply experiment!”

When quizzed about what he loves about his job; “Challenges! I love how things work, the challenges that come with it and unique experiences. I really like the creativity in India; they make you try it all no matter how exhaustive it can be!”

[I am already excited about my next question for the incredible Sharbel Harbany and he is equally excited to fix the world from makeup blunders in his own words! In Charbel’s diva words “It is all about the grand clean up!”

“Simplicity sometimes gives you the best results. So keep it minimal with foundation. It is not your toy to play with (He rolls his eyes) Contouring with powder is the key for natural looking finish instead of the cream finish. Third point is to never opt for black colour for your eyebrows; A big NO NO. Finally lipsticks are important part of your face so make sure to opt for the right colour. Do not ignore your eyes even if you decide to opt for the classic Red lipstick. Your eyes do need attention!” He smirks.

Before we wrap the interview he compliments me on my natural makeup and I cannot stop appreciating the incredible time that I had with the charming insouciant Sharbel Hasbany!

Murtaza Rangwala

Murtaza Rangwala is an entrepreneur and connector, as well as founder of He's a frequent contributor for and provides startup advice on his motivational blog.Murtaza is a serial entrepreneur who loves building amazing products and services that scale. Digital Consultant and Social media Consultant for Leading Bollywood Movies and Celebrities. With more then 12Mn Plus followers on Social media. Have done a campaign for movies Like Sarbjit, Madaari. Engineer turned into Entrepreneur. @thatmedianerd on Twitter and Instagram

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