International fashion designer Laiali Aldosari soon to enter Bollywood

Ace international fashion designer Laiali Aldosari from Qatar had a dream of becoming the top fashionista of the world. Coming from a family with no background in the fashion world Laiali had to start from the scratch to make it to the top.

Laiali thus started practicing Fashion designing all by herself. Without anybody’s help or an academic qualification in the field Laiali started coaching herself with the help of thorough research, gathering knowledge and her passion for making a big name in the business.

Laiali Aldosari established her brand ‘Laiali Couture’. Being a proud owner her brand is recognized worldwide having tremendous varieties paving ways for the fashion lovers to explore more.

Laiali also withholds a powerful marketing team and having mastered creativity she has managed to provide her brand tremendous appreciation with her powerful marketing skills and mind boggling collection.

Laiali Aldosari has become a powerful name in the film industry. Her brand is worn by a number of top celebrities across the globe like Miss Arab Cairo, a number of Morrocan singers and Hollywood stars.

Laiali is in the fashion business since 8 years and considers her mother her biggest inspiration. She believes that if family supports you in what you do especially your parents trusting you and your passion then sky is the limit.
When asked about her say of fashion Laiali stated “”You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”

Laiali soon will be making her debut in bollywood with her fantabulous collection organising one of the biggest fashion shows in the country with all the top fashion designers making to the guest list. This in itself will be a master plan in marketing to show case her collection to the Indian fashion industry.

Laiali Aldosari has displayed her collection in a number of renowned shows worldwide. ‘Laiali Couture’ has also been a part of a number of fashion shows held in Qatar, Kuwait and soon will be showcasing her designs at the Paris fashion show.

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