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Here are the Bollywood actresses with a top-notch fashion sense!

One of the most distinct things about the Bollywood industry apart from films is also how the celebrities carry themselves and the kind of style statements they make. Some divas have managed to look ravishing throughout the years and time has not dimmed their shine.

So here are the Bollywood actresses with top-notch fashion sense:

1) Sonam Kapoor

As her debut in the Bollywood industry, the actress had created an image for herself as a fashionista. Her sister Rhea Kapoor assists her with her unique sense of style. She is also into experimenting as she constantly changes her style from elegant to idiosyncratic.

2) Deepika Padukone

She is now regarded as one of the top Bollywood actors of today’s time. She is seen juggling from graceful gowns at important events to trendy casualwear during daytime shenanigans. Before setting foot in the industry, Deepika was initially a model, which explains why she’s on top of her game when it comes to fashion.

3) Kangana Ranaut

‘Chic’ is the word which is best suited to describe Kangana’s style. Her fashion is as bold as the statements she makes! Once in an interview, the actress had also mentioned that she paid attention to her fashion sense and attempts to dress well so that no one blatantly regard her as a small-town girl.

4) Neha Dhupia

Neha is mostly seen in loose and long power suits and vibrant outfits that suit her like no other. She can be regarded as someone who has a very distinct kind of fashion sense within the industry and she manages to nail each and every one her looks.

5) Kareena Kapoor Khan

The actress doesn’t have a specific kind of fashion sense but manages to look good in everything, be it dazzling gowns, jeans and even a saree. All the years she has spent in the industry, she has never let any particular fashion sense define the way she dresses, making her the very best.

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