Harry Potter in Bollywood

Harry Potter which has steal the show not only in U.S. but all over the world. They are most trending and always coming up with new ideas, they have always kept inspiring children and even younger people who have kept reading his books as well as even attracted towards his movie.


Harry Potter lovers are all happy as the edition of its new book, Harry Potter And The Cursed Child is out. Harry Potter books and movies have kept us all enjoyed for a long time. It made out childhood magical and happening. Well, not only common people, even Bollywood celebs are ardent Potter fans. They to suffer from Potter mania and thus are excited about the new book. Celebrities like Pooja Hegde, Parineeti Chopra, Sonam Kapoor have been spotted wearing this spectacles from the Harry Potter character.


Parineeti Chopra has always been seen writing most about herself. She is good and most of the time seen on social media. She seems to be very much enjoying and after uploading the picture of this book, she showed that she’s huge fan of Harry Potter series. The bubbly actress already got her copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child book. The actress tweeted the photo of her book on her Twitter and expressed her joy.

Pooja Hegde being seen wearing that spectacles and even she’s been seeing uploading her picture on Instagram. Pooja Hegde is an actress from movie Mohenjo Daro and she looks amazing in that movie, well she even looks prettier in this picture. Mohenjo Daro actress Pooja is also a Harry Potter fan. The beautiful actress posted her selfies wearing Potter glasses on Harry’s birthday and looked cute in them.

Director/Choreographer Farah Khan posted a cute picture of her son dressed as a Hogwarts student. She thanked Harry Potter for teaching life lessons to her children. Mostly director have some crazy ideas in their mind and they fulfill there reality by making such movies, So lets see what Farah khan has to say.

Well see whether the director have something new to make with this new story or may be they might have even started.