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Gift That Ambanis Gave To Priyanka Chopra On Her Wedding In Jodhpur

Image result for Peecee wedding picsThe royal marriage of Priyanka and Nick Jonas have almost completed 10 months. We all get curious about what gifts she must have received, the excitement is not over yet and looks like the comedy king, Kapil Sharma is also star-struck in Peecee’s intimate wedding.

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Recently, when Priyanka appeared on Kapil Sharma Show for promoting her film The Sky Is Pink, she was greeted with the heating question about the wedding gifts she received from the Ambanis.

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To which, Priyanka replied, “I only had around 180 guests at my wedding. Not many people were there. 120 of them were family members. I didn’t even get half of the envelopes. I received plenty of blessings and that’s what I needed the most.”

To, this, Kapil added, “I thought since they are super-rich, they might have their personal notes of Rs 25,000 or so and don’t carry Rs 2,000 notes.”

Few months ago,  Parineeti Chopra talked about the gifts she received from Nick Jonas had given her in joota chupai rasam. She had shared, “I got a lot of money, I got dollars and rupees, in lakhs and we also got diamond rings. We also got bags, we got a lot of stuff. He was very generous.”

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” I thought I was the smart one and I was going to go and do this ceremony and take only cash from him. They were more than ready because he literally just signaled to someone and all of us cousins looked at the back, and there was a guy with a giant tray full of diamond rings and all of us got diamond rings and the bridesmaids got a lot of gifts. So I am proud to show off that Nick jiju is very generous.”

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