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Read Full Story Of Brave Man Sahil Batav, Who Stood Up Against The Law Breaker

A 22-year-old biker named Sahil Batav was beaten up when he stopped a Mahindra Thar driving on the wrong side of the one-way road in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The incident took place in Bhopal on 3rd November, which was captured by CCTV camera. CCTV footage of the same went viral on social media.

In the video, a man is seen on a bike following his duty even when the SUV owner tried to run him over. Without caring for the consequences, he took the stand against the lawbreaker. He did his duty and stopped Mahindra Thar driver from moving any further.

You may say that breaking traffic rules is a common thing on Indian roads, many people don’t follow traffic rules every now and then. Most of the time, we ignore these things and don’t care to say anything even if we see traffic rules being broken. This is a very brave and rare step taken by Sahil Batav, we should get inspired by this incident.

Sahil Batav has opened up about the incident in the interview to a leading news channel. He said that he asked the Mahindra Thar driver to go back to the right lane, but he abused him and even tried to run over him few times.

Check out his interview right here:

After small arguments, Sahil snapped the picture of SUV with its number plate. In the response, SUV driver did same and snapped Biker’s number plate. Pretty soon, SUV driver started beating the biker and pushing him down the road. After such violence, biker hits back at the driver in self-defense.

A Huge crowd gathered to see the fight but very few tried to help Sahil. After seeing himself outnumbered, the driver is seen getting back in the car with his shirt ripped apart. He can also be seen running away from the sight by reversing the car.

After the incident, Sahil filed an FIR against SUV driver in Bhopal. He states that police was very helpful. Talking about the incident, Sahil said in an interview, ” guarded his way because I felt what he did was wrong but he was not regretful at all,”

Check out the full video here:

Nevertheless, the internet is going gaga over the brave act of Sahil Batav. People have been parsing the young man for standing against the lawbreakers. He should be followed by many, so people can realize their duty of being a responsible citizen.

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