First Look Of Arpita Khan and Ayush Sharma’s Daughter Is Out!

Arpita Khan Sharma and Aayush Sharma revealed their daughter’s news with great joy.  The official announcement was made on Instagram which read as,



Few hours back, Aayush Sharma shared the first pictures of his little angel, Ayat Sharma and captioned them as

“Welcome to this beautiful world Ayat. You’ve brought a lot of happiness into our lives. May you touch everyone’s life with a lot of love and joy.”

Proud mamu, Salman Khan had tweeted, “Welcome to this beautiful world Ayat. Thank u Arpita n Ayush for the best birthday gift for the whole family. May everyone who reads this blesses her n may she grow up n make everyone proud. Thank u for all the love n respect. You all have been very kind, thank u thank u thank u!”

Ayat Sharma

In Bigg Boss, Salman revealed that now every year on his birthday everyone will celebrate Ayat’s birthday.  Arpita Khan Sharma had revealed if their second baby was a planned one,

“We had decided that we’ll have a second child at some point. But no, this wasn’t planned. However, when we realized that I was carrying, we were just elated.” “When are you due?” To this, Arpita had replied, “January.”

Ayat Sharma

They asked about names for the baby, Arpita had said, “Nahin, abhi tak nahin. Let’s first see if it’s a daughter or a son.”

If she wants a daughter now or a son again, Arpita had retorted, “Nothing like that. I just want a healthy baby.”

Ayat Sharma

Ayat Sharma


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