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FIR Filed Against Sonakshi Sinha For Fraud Worth 37 Lakhs, A Legal Notice Has Been Sent

Bollywood Industry, as much popular amongst people for the wonderful movies they come up with that much is popular for all the scams that take place in Bollywood! What looks like gold from outside and sometimes absolutely filthy! Such is the Bollywood Industry and the stars in the Industry do have an involvement in some or the other controversy at some or the other point of their career! Be the involvement be voluntary or be it accidentally, these scams do bring a bad name to the stars and at times does get them legal suits! Recently, one such incident has taken place wherein a FIR has been filled against the actress Sonakshi Sinha! Sonakshi Sinha reportedly has been involved in a fraud of Rs. 37 lakhs and a legal notice has been sent to the actress!

Sonakshi Sinha has been accused by a man of fraud of almost 37 lakhs. He filed a complaint last year, stating that he had paid 28 lakhs to Sonakshi to perform at an award show, but she had failed to appear. The event was apparently a fashion show which was organized by the man’s company. She had demanded 28 lakhs, and had been paid so. The man also stated that he had spent an additional 9 lakhs for accommodation and other facilities that the actress would require to perform.

Sonakshi Sinha had promoted this event on her social media platforms as well but on the day of the event she cancelled her plan! When this news reached the attendees of the event, they vandalized the property leading to irreparable damage. The man eventually filed a complaint! A Legal Notice has been sent to Sonakshi Sinha for this fraudulent act of hers!

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