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Finally! Malaika Is On A Patch-Up Mood With Arbaaz Khan

Bollywood marriages seems like are the most vulnerable things in the film industry right now. Except few flowering marriages which are still working fine, rest of all marriages either end up in a divorce or they are parted ways soon. Some relationship even ends before the marriage itself. Recently, we have even witnessed that the ‘Power Couple’ Malaika Arora Khan has parted ways with Arbaaz Khan. Now the latest twist in the tale is, they are giving a second try for their marriage.


According to a report published in the Mumbai Mirror, the efforts of the families to patch them up have been successful. Arbaaz was always keen to have his wife back, Malaika was eager to move on. However, reports mention that Malaika seems to have heeded the advice from her sister Amrita Ladak and mum Joyce, and is agreeing to give her marriage another go. She will move back to the home she shared with Arbaaz in a matter of days.


Well this is a great piece of news to cheer up for Arbaaz Khan. As Malaika has been agreed to give a second chance to their marriage. Malaika parted ways after a long marriage of 18 years with Arbaaz. Malaika was moved away from the Bandra house and shifted to a house in Khar with her son.

Recently, Salman Khan tried his best for their patch up but things didn’t go well for the two. They didn’t listen to Salman at all and ready to stay away. Since then, Arbaaz was all broken down and even took to his Instagram to say that, she will come back soon.

As we know that, recently Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan have hosted a famous TV reality show ‘Power Couple’. We are very sure that the couple has a powerful love for each other and they will back together again. With this news, it is clear that they are giving the marriage a second chance and I think this is the best thing the fans wanted to listen. We wish the best for the ‘Power Couple’.


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