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Rohan Mehra Commented On Bani J After Getting Evicted

Bigg boss has reached its last week finally and still the situation in the house is not so cool. Not everyone is happy. They are still fighting with each other on silly things.

Bani J , Rohan Mehra
Bani J
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The war inside the house has still not ended. Generally people become friends in its last stage as of course in the end it’s just a game. But this time the fights has reached to a personal level clearly. People of the house have actually keeping the personal grudges from each other.

Yesterday, we informed you about Rohan Mehra’s eviction after reaching to the final week of Bigg Boss season 10. After getting evicted from the house, Rohan gave a statement about his mate from the house Bani J. Read on the NEXT page what Rohan said about Bani J:

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