Exclusive Interview with the Rising Starlet, the Beautiful Sasha Agha!

Of the many rising stars that the industry has seen in the past couple of years, Sasha Agha is one of those who seem to have got a grip of what they want with their careers. The confident, young and talented actress is just a couple of films old but looks to be in Bollywood for the long run. The daughter of the gorgeous and evergreen actress Salma Agha, Sasha was first seen last year with Arjun Kapoor in Aurangzeb and she was recently seen in Desi Kattey as well.

Here is this candid interview, we get to know that Sasha is pretty cool too. Check out the interview!


Hey Sasha! What has you life’s story been so far?

Story of my life is, I do what makes me happy and so far I haven’t been short of happiness!

When did you first discover your passion for acting?

When I was 11!

You must be so proud of your mom as she too is an amazing actress and singer.

Yes I am very grateful to have been born as her daughter! I love my mom!

So, you are still just 22! And you have already done two Bollywood films. How does it feel to be a part of Bollywood?

Hah films are apart of my family since 1940z an even earlier so feels great!

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Does your mother play a pivotal part in deciding the films or roles you do?

My mother has always guided me saying do what u can give your 100% to an then let the universe decide!

How different were Aurangzeb and Desi Kattey from each other?

Very different hah bikini and shalwar kameez different! Loll

Do you feel like a loner or have you already made friends in the industry?

I  touch wood have great friends an family from the industry an its a blessing!

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Have you too fallen in love with Mumbai or you still treat it just like you workplace?

I have been brought up an been to school in Bombay! So for me it will be Bombay always lol

Which is you favourite film of all time? And do you have any recent favourites as well?

Mera naam joker, an recently I liked queen it was fun!

What do you like to do other than acting?

I like writing music, poetry, cooking and traveling!

Who is you dream co-star and why?

Salman khan! And i dont think i need to say why! Haha

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Your future plans and projects?

Yes my next film comes from a more meaningful cinema thats the max i can say for now 😉

Any message for our readers at Filmy Mantra?

Life is a film…. So keep watching 😉

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