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Exclusive: Highlights of Bigg Boss 8 Day 9!

After the eviction Sonali Raut things were pretty calm on the following day. Even in the very beginning of today’s show things seemed quiet until a series of twists started taking place. Let us how did this episode of Big Boss unfold itself itself.

  1. First up was the introduction of the other two members of the secret society, Deepshikha Nagpal and RJ Preetam Singh. Members got excited and curious at the same as to why these members are introduced at this time.
  2. The thing that followed later was one for which all the house members and viewers were waiting for. It was voice of Bigg Boss himself who addressed the house members himself. The house members were also shown their new house.
  3. But as we told earlier there were a series of twist. Among these one was the division of the house into two teams. The leaders of the two teams were Deepshikha and RJ Preetam. Both the captains chose members equally from the house. This was the time for the first team task ‘Hijack’.
  4. The task was to uproot the members of RJ Preetam’s team from the seats in the garden. The task of uprooting was to be performed by Deepshikha’s team. Deepshikha’s team could use anything except physical force to remove the passengers from their seats.
  5. Well, every little trick was used by Deepshikha’s team to remove the Preetam’s team members from their seats. From dirty brooms to dirty slippers, Deephikha’s team didn’t spare anything. But the end of all this was not so good. The part when Deepshikha’s team was rubbing chili powder was the time when things got ugly. Gautam got really agitated with this and started abusing Karishma. Gautam lost his calm in the middle of the task and got out casted as the villain of the house. He begged and pleaded for forgiveness but neither Karishma nor the housemates were in the mood of any mercy.

We can’t wait to see how this event affects the life of the passengers in the house.

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