Ever Wondered What Will Happen If You Go Out Into Space Without Spacesuit


A legend saved many student’s life from deadly home works and tough assignments i:e ‘A  GOOGLE’.  space is a continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or unoccupied.

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You might have  dreamt of going in space just like what Mark Damon did in the movie ‘The Martian’ or Sandra Bullock in the movie ‘Gravity’.

Well on Earth we have our strong Ozone Layers saving us from harmful U.V Rays. We have our oxygen and mixture of many gases which helps us breathe in a very comfortable manner. Without wasting your time lets just explain the reason why you clicked on our link.

You won’t be able to hear anything 

You won’t be able to smell anything 

Your body will become extremely cold

You will be exposed to extreme harmful UV Rays of Sun that can burn your skin along with skin cancer.


These were some of the consequences which will hit you very badly so don’t try to be superman.

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