Do These 3 Celebrities From India Like the Idea of Gambling?

Many Indian celebrities have been open about their love for gambling, especially now after online casinos are more reachable than…

team filmymantra February 20, 2020
Naseeruddin and aamir khan
Naseeruddin and aamir khan

Many Indian celebrities have been open about their love for gambling, especially now after online casinos are more reachable than ever. Online casinos have become vastly popular in recent years due to their advantages over the land-based casinos. They offer tons of rewards for the players, have anonymity, and better payout percentages. In India, they even hold one more major advantage – people don’t have to travel to one of the three states where gambling is allowed. Instead, they can wager their money from the comfort of their home.

The whole world knows that India is extremely good at running and profiting out of the show-business. Instead of having an American Hollywood, India has its own Bollywood which has a similar principle of work. So, if a celebrity wants decides to spend his or her free time to gamble, among other things, the public would easily find that out. In that spirit, we decided to elaborate on how do some of the biggest celebrities in India feel about the idea of online gambling and gambling, in general. Here are the opinions of 3 celebrities, chosen by our editor.

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Naseeruddin Shah Absolutely Despises Gambling

The 69-year-old film and stage actor represents the older and more traditional way of living in India. Naturally, he’s not a fan of gambling, although he hasn’t been public about it. The media nor the public has never caught him in any gambling activity. For those who don’t know who this man is, Naseeruddin is among the best actors India has ever had. He won 3 National Film Awards, an award at the Venice Film Festival and the government has honoured him with the Padma Shri and the Padma Bhushan.

Naseeruddin Shah
Naseeruddin Shah


Aamir Khan, an Ace in the Movie Industry and a Master of Different Types of Casino Games

This Mumbai born actor is one of India’s most beloved actors and an ultra-talent as he’s capable of being a skilled director and producer. When he’s not busy directing or starring in the next hit movie then he can be found hosting shows, singing or writing. With such a busy schedule one would wonder if the man ever gets some time off.

He’s only a man after all and like any many, he has his hobbies, and one of them is playing casino games. As every online casino has different types of games to win a real money jackpot and other prizes, Aamir likes his games on the traditional side so you’ll likely find him playing games like Teen Patti in his free time. He gets loads of prizes when gaming online much as he does in real life when it comes to on-screen performances.

Aamir khan
Aamir khan

Akshay Kumar, the Indian-Canadian Gentleman and Casino Table Games Fan

What makes Akshay so likeable and well-known is his charm and his screen time in loads of Indian movies. So far he has appeared in over 100 feature-length films and plenty of one-off specials and numerous TV shows. With so many appearances under his belt, it’s no wonder why he’s such a loveable celebrity.

In his free time, Akshay is a person who likes to visit an online casino or two. He’s a man of action and he seeks action where high risk means high reward which is why you might find him at a table game online. Craps is his favourite game that he loves to play and he’s probably as successful with it as he is in the film industry.