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Deepika Padukone thanks Author Sudha Menon!!

At the Filmfare Awards held in January 2016, when Deepika Padukone won the Best Actress award , she had read out a letter from her father Prakash Padukone to the world which left everyone emotional and in tears.

Not many were aware that letter which Deepika happened to read out loud in the award ceremony was published in a book, authored by Sudha Menon. There is no doubt that the letter was written by her father Prakash Padukone. But when people got to know about this ,many speculated that the actress should have credited the book and the author for letting her read the letter to the world.


However, if reports are to be believed via Pinkvilla , a source close to the actress informs , “When Deepika was being praised for the letter she did tell people about the letter being part of the book. In fact, Deepika even thanked the author for allowing her to read out the letter to the World.”

The source adds, “Also, whether a part of the book or not, the fact remains that the letter has been written by Deepika’s father.”


And though many aren’t aware, just after the letter read by Deepika Padukone had gone viral, author Sudha Menon had also quoted to a leading daily, that she was touched by Deepika’s gesture for reading the letter from her book Legacy.

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