Darasing Khurana : My personal travel experience to France

Paris is on everyone’s wish list, from being one of the most visited destination in the world, France has everything from oceans to fashion! I found it to be a very convenient place. Most of the people spoke English and weren’t rude.The best time to visit Paris is the spring which is from April to June, or fall which is Sept to November. The average temperature remains from 8-12 degree during these months. It’s necessary to carry your winter wears when in Paris during this time.


Myself along with friends planned to travel to Europe after our MBA exams, we knew this was our last trip together as bachelors, that made this trip even special.

France being a very Popular nation in the Europe, there are direct flights from Mumbai to Paris,France. But since I was already on a Euro trip, I along with my friends took a bus from Brussels,Belgium to Paris which was a 3.5 hour journey.

LIDO (Tableau 1- LA FEMME): L'hymne a l'amour

For people who love driving ,it’s very easy to hire a car and drive around, not to forget , the cars in France are Left hand drive. If you are the one who likes to take a back seat, then there are plenty of options for you aswell, the trains and busses can take you anywere in France.


We had pre booked our hotel Mercure Opera Garnier. I personally fell in love with this hotel. The rooms were clean and spacious and yaa not to forget the breakfast was just to sinful.A great start to day! Main highlights start from here itself . So post finishing our breakfast, we decided to head for some sightseeing on our day 1

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