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Check Out The Official Video Release Of Futsal Anthem By AR Rehman Feat. Virat Kohli

The kick-ass football lovers are going to love this one! The official trailer and musical anthem of Futsal is released and it premiers, 15th July. Needless to say that Virat is looking super-hot in the video. This is some breather for the women looking for a handsome face from sports, dancing to the tunes.


It was the much awaited video of legendary music director, A R Rahman and the amazing cricketer Virat Kohli. The video is going viral on the web and it has created some sparks in their fans. The music is quite funky and attractive with some rap in between.


Virat Kohli will be the brand ambassador for ‘Premier Futsal’ and the audience will see some amazing moves of Virat on the dance floor. According to the sources, the league will have many popular players participating from over 20 countries. The premier league will include 23 matches and will be played in 8 selected cities by the panel. The match will be continued for at least 3 weeks.


The motive of this thrilling video album is to bring some more excitement in the promotion of the tournament. It goes without saying that with the music of A R Rahman and the presence of hottie Virat Kohli, half the trick is played to promote Futsal as a game in India. Although, Virat is a cricketer, he is an ardent lover of football. Thus, there was nothing as perfect as Virat Kohli to act in this video.


Don’t you think with the return of Anushka Sharma in his life, he has got the charming personality and glow back on his face? Well, that’s why we call it the Love Effect! We wish Virat all the best for his Futsal endorsement and hope that India gets another thrilling game like cricket.


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