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Censor Board Cuts Down Kissing Scene To 9 Seconds

Censor board cuts down kissing scene to 9 seconds in upcoming film Do Lafzon Ki Kahani starring Randeep Hooda and  Kajal Aggarwal. Confirming it, the film’s director Deepak Tijori, says, “It was a kiss of 18 seconds. It has now been reduced to 9 seconds. That’s the only visual cut we got.”


Apart from reducing the time of the kissing scene ,censor board has also asked for the deletion of abusive words like saale and kutte.


“I guess we all have gone through censorial trauma. But we are helpless as we have to live with the law of the land. They asked for just one visual cut, reduction in the length of the kiss, rest are audio changes which we can’t help, but accept .” Deepak is dissatisfied with the censor cuts.


He is amused at everyday words being deleted. “I find this hilarious, today kids have access to internet full of so much more. But sure, I accept the censor board’s demands for cuts every time quietly, with a smile.”


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