Can’t Wait to Watch These 16 Celebrity Kids On Big Screen!

Kids born to Bollywood’s heartthrobs are already celebs and people can’t wait to watch them on big screen. Although, some kids are camera shy and do not love to pose much in front of the paparazzi, the media is obsessed with writing about them.

Irrespective of their introvert nature, they often fail to avoid being tracked by the media. It doesn’t matter if they would enter Bollywood as actors or go abroad delivering their passion for studies; they are celebs to us already.


Desperate To Watch These 16 Celebrity Kids On Big Screen:

  1. Aryan Khan:


Aryan doesn’t need an introduction as Shah Rukh’s son, as the boy has gained immense popularity for his father’s look-alike image and attractive face structure. He is the eldest boy in the family and shows good responsibility already. Millions of Shah Rukh’s fans are eager to see Junior Shah Rukh on big screen, but we aren’t sure when?

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