Can’t Wait to Watch These 16 Celebrity Kids On Big Screen!

Shruti Sharma September 5, 2016

Kids born to Bollywood’s heartthrobs are already celebs and people can’t wait to watch them on big screen. Although, some kids are camera shy and do not love to pose much in front of the paparazzi, the media is obsessed with writing about them.

Irrespective of their introvert nature, they often fail to avoid being tracked by the media. It doesn’t matter if they would enter Bollywood as actors or go abroad delivering their passion for studies; they are celebs to us already.


Desperate To Watch These 16 Celebrity Kids On Big Screen:

  1. Aryan Khan:


Aryan doesn’t need an introduction as Shah Rukh’s son, as the boy has gained immense popularity for his father’s look-alike image and attractive face structure. He is the eldest boy in the family and shows good responsibility already. Millions of Shah Rukh’s fans are eager to see Junior Shah Rukh on big screen, but we aren’t sure when?

  1. Aarav:


Aarav has already won many hearts by his innocent and cute face. Akshay and Twinkle’s son has a flair for martial arts. He is an adventurous boy who loves to explore new places and try new sports. Apart from outdoor activities, Aarav is good at painting too.  

He has got interests similar to his dad and looks of his mother. The qualities reflect his versatile nature and we just can’t wait to see him grow and appear in Bollywood like papa Kumar.

  1. Junaid Khan:


Aamir and Reena Dutt’s son, Junaid is equally handsome and fit for Bollywood. He is known in his social circle for his humble and courteous nature.

We have heard that he is a truthful and honest critic to all his father’s movies and this is what makes him attend all his premier shows. What else can you expect from Mr. Perfectionist’s son?

  1. Sara Khan:


Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan’s daughter, Sara Khan has come out really gorgeous! She has all the Nawabi looks and deserves to be in Bollywood. Sara was the talk of the town ever since she attended her father’s wedding. There are rumours that she is all set to try her luck in acting and she is currently looking for a good script.

  1. Hrehaan & Hridaan:


The super-hot irresistible body of Hrithik Roshan and the voluptuous, Suzanne Khan has Bollywood’s best assets in their house. Those Greek looks that people die for has surely passed his best features in his sons, Hrehaan and Hridaan too.

We just can’t wait to these cutie pies grow and enter films. Looking at the way, they are growing up; we assume that they are going to grab some good Hollywood offers too!

  1. Renee:


Former Miss Universe’s elder daughter, Sushmita Sen is now a teenager. Renee is as natural as her mother. She is very down to earth and polite. Bravo Sushmita! You have inculcated the best cultural values in your daughters. Despite being a model’s daughter, she is far away from the glamor and limelight.

As per Sush, Renee has supported her with maturity unexpected at this age. Bringing the strong values from her mother, we hope she agrees to do some women-oriented movies in future.

  1. Aahan:


Sunil Shetty’s son, Aahan is a young boy. He is inspired truly by his father and loves to listen to his advised always. He is passionate in the art of music. Aahan sings well and we have also heard that he plays guitar amazingly.

He has already marked his entrance as a band, which does gigs for raising charity. Wow! Sunil’s good deeds show his good karmas in face of Aahan. Hope he makes an entrance in Bollywood soon.

  1. Navya Naveli:


The young and talented Navya Naveli proudly spreads the Bachhan family’s name through her charm. Navya is the granddaughter of the legendary actor, Amitabh Bachchan and the daughter of Shweta Bachchan.

The girl carries the beauty of her mother and has some sparkle in her eyes like the Bachchan family. She must try for films now!

  1. Karan Deol:


The Deol Khandan has a cute son named, Karan. Although, he is shy and reserved like Tiger Shroff, he is never ignored by the traces of media. His looks bring the glimpse of young Sunny Deol. We sense that Junior Deol is surely waiting to announce something big about his career. Let’s wait and watch!

  1. Arhaan:


Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora’s cute little creation, Arhaan has an attractive charm on his face. He is just 10 but, has the look of a serious actor on his face. His maturity on the facial features is adorable! Grow up soon Arhaan, we are waiting to see you on big screen! Our best wishes are with you.

  1. Aradhya:


How can we not discuss the Bachhan parivaar’s pride, Aradhya Bachhan? Aishwarya and Abhishek’s true bonding of love shows on Aradhya’s face. She is a lucky girl as she has various options to choose from politics, modeling, acting, to social work. We can’t stop from saying that she has lovely eyes just like her mother.

  1. Yashwardhan:


After Govinda’s daughter’s stunning pictures, it is time for his to spread some happiness in the air. Very little has been known about Govinda’s son, Yashwardhan, but we hope that he is as humorous and cheerful like his father on screen. Yash has lost amazing pounds and that only shows an interest in entering films as we guess. Junior Govinda, we are waiting for you!

  1. Anya, Czar & Diva:

farah-khans-kids-anya-czar-and-diva-kunder--201602-665246 (1)

These little bundles of joy belong to Farha Khan. Her triplets have extremely naughty eyes and glowing skin. We are not sure if they are going to be amazing dancer, comedians, or actors, but they surely have a bright future ahead.

  1. Azad Rao:


Aamir Khan’s first child with Kiran Rao, Azad Rao is a red apple to the industry. Both parents are perfectionists and we are sure their son will follow the same path. Azad is passionate about helping his father in his routine and playing football. We are eagerly waiting for him to be big soon!

  1. AbRam:


AbRam is Shah Rukh’s youngest baby and the hottest topic to talk about in the media. His looks have melted many hearts at this age only. AbRam has lot of excitement in his eyes to face the paparazzi. We just can’t hold on to see this googly woogly woosh cheeks on the big screen.

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