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Bollywood’s 12 Major Awkward Looking Couples


Bollywood has always dealt with the strange, weird, and crazy facts to believe. The celebs have always been in the limelight for some or the other unique news. There are a few couples who are truly meant to be love birds. These couples have grace, style, mood, and inspiration for all. On the other end, there are some couples who broke all the barriers to prove that love is blind.

Bollywood’s 12 Major Awkward Looking Couples:


  1. Sridevi and Boney Kapoor:

When the hot and sizzling Sridevi married Boney Kapoor, the whole industry was kind of in a dilemma. She broke many hearts to marry someone who did not match her personality traits at all. Both of them looked very ugly together and the people adapted to their love with time.

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